CEO of the Aiterasu Co.,Ltd.
Executive Beauty Director
NYS Licensed Beauty Therapist

In observing the lives of 10,000 females of 20 nationalities or more, this has been now our ninth year since the founding of our female-only private salon formachika in Jingumae,Tokyo. Based on the philosophy of “Remember Your Beautiful Self,” it has been translated as the voice from the heart heard through the body (womb), guiding females to regain their natural self-esteem.

We advocate the world view of “connecting with the womb = connecting with the earth.” That becomes an important tool that connects “oneself” to the “global environment.” We think that the water of the earth is the same as our body fluids.

To that end, each person shall first turn their consciousness towards the existence of their womb. Knowing about your womb will nurture your heart. And you will notice the connection between what you intake within your body and the environment. In other words, delicious rice and water require rich and beautiful land and sea that are replete with nutrients, and the awareness that one can say NO to things that have been created by polluting the environment. Being aware of your womb leads to awareness of the global environment.

When a female’s heart is content, and she loves her existence, the energy of happiness spreads to the people around her. As when a mother is happy, then her children and husband are happy, everything starting from the home, to the whole country, and the whole world becomes connected.

What can be done to achieve this. That is to provide an environment to nurture each individual’s consciousness, to enhance awareness, and to live fully as a woman.

Just being a “female” itself is wonderful. However, the current world is still in a state of reverse discrimination” “lost opportunities” and “suppression of the level of consciousness.” However, if there is a chance for light to hit one of the sensors, it will lead to a path of great liberation.

Starting in Japan and extending to females across the world, we are creating our beauty cosmetic Skincare products.